1. Terms and conditions for using the aerialdesign website.
1. Scope
1.1 The www.aerialdesign.it website is owned by Elevain srl unipersonale which manages it independently (hereafter the “Manager”). The Manager is responsible for the content and information published on the site.
1.2 The use of the on-line purchase section on this site is subject to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, privacy regulations and the terms and conditions for on-line sales.

2. Exemption from liability
2.1 The Manager ensures the accuracy and legality of the contents of the site. Nonetheless, the Manager provides no warranty and accepts no liability that the information contained therein are free from errors or incomplete.
2.2 The Manager excludes any kind of liability whatsoever in the event of any interruption of access to the site.

3. Information sent.
3.1 Confidential or exclusive information or materials cannot be sent to the Manager.
By sending information to the Manager, the user declares and warrants exclusive ownership or rights to use such information freely with the consequent total exclusion of the risk of infringement of the rights of third parties.
The user, however, will waive the Manager from any claim presented by third parties.
in relation to infringement of their rights caused by the material or information provided.
3.2 Sending any information will result in the implicit authorization that it may be reproduced, used, disclosed, shown etc.
3.3 It is forbidden to send or transmit any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic or irreverent material or any other material that may give rise to civil or criminal liability.

4. Intellectual and industrial property rights
4.1 All the content on this site is covered by copyrighted and protected by applicable regulations relating to copyright and industrial and/or intellectual property.
It is forbidden to copy and/or reproduce, in whole or in part, the contents of the website without the express consent of the Manager.
4.2 All trademarks, domain names, company names, companies and brands on this site are owned by the Manager (Elevain srl unipersonale). It is, therefore, reproduction in any form or manner is absolutely forbidden without express permission; it is also forbidden to register similar or confusing trademarks. Access to the site does not in any way imply the right to use the trademarks or any other distinctive marks therein.

5. Modifications
5.1 The Manager may at any time, independently and at its total discretion, replace, add, modify, and/or integrate the site and the materials contained therein, as well as the technology used. Such activities may cause temporary difficulties of access to certain sections and their content.
5.2 The Manager may modify, add or remove at any time, at its total discretion, clauses concerning these Terms and Conditions of Use.
The user is invited to check these pages periodically to identify any changes.
Continuous use of the site after the introduction of such changes will be deemed to constitute tacit acceptance.

6. Links to other websites
6.1 The website may contain links to other websites that it turn may be operated by third parties. In this case, specific mention will be made to the user.
6.2 The Manager operator has no control over and assumes no liability for materials created or published by third parties on linked sites or for products from other suppliers they contain.
Such links do not in any way constitute approval by the Manager of the sites, products or services offered therein etc.
6.3 The Manager accepts no responsibility in relation to purchases of products made by visiting other websites. The user is invited to contact the Managers of the other websites visited if difficulties have arisen or if questions are to be asked in relation to them.

7. Responsibility for the use of passwords or access codes
7.1 Some sections or services made available on the site can only be accessed or used with passwords or access codes. The user is obliged to take great care in the use and custody of passwords and personal access codes. The user will be held liable for all consequences arising from misuse of passwords or access codes.
7.2 The password and code assigned are strictly personal and not transferable.
In the event of loss, theft, or genuine concern that passwords or access codes have come into the knowledge of a third party, the user is required to provide immediate notice so that the Manager can assign new ones in the shortest time technically feasible. The Manager reserves the right to suspend authorizations associated with passwords or access codes until they have been reset.


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