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QUADERNO "La molla del tempo"


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Today, the hourglasses no longer fulfil their primary function of marking time, but have increased their appeal: the slow flow of sand can almost hypnotize and is able to represent the transience of the moments, the precariousness of everyday life and the mystery of our existence certainly more than a modern timepiece technologically perfect.


The drawings of the covers of the CLAESSIDRA series are made by the AERIAL design studio. The synthetic line, the sketched shadows and a stylized realism that is enhanced in the reproduction of individual particles of sand, are a characteristic of these works absolutely original and that bring them closer to the graphics of high-level comics applied to special paper objects of inimitable quality.


Quality, technology, ecology: our products are selected by companies that comply with Italian and European environmental laws, with a reduction in emissions and the adoption of production processes that save water, reduce energy consumption and waste processing. 

  • Made in Italy
  • Formato 13 x 21 cm
  • Savile Row Dark Grey paper, Savile Row Blue Plain paper, Savile Camel paper
  • 40 fogli in colore grigio perla
  • Interni a righe, Interni a puntini
  • Sheets weight:80 g/mq
  • Singer-sewn binding
  • FSC certificated, Acid Free certificated, Elemental Chlorine Free certificated, Heavy Metal Absence certificated, Cotton certificated
  • Made with Fabriano paper
  • Grafica ispirata alla clessidra dell'artista Bruno Venturelli
QUADERNO "La molla del tempo"
QUADERNO "La molla del tempo"